Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rock 'n' Roll au Th'Oliver aujourd'ui, 28/8/2008 (pleins des 8...)- Diego and Di-egocentrics :-)

Je veux remercier a tous les amis que etaient a notre bordelique "session" rock'n'roll ce soir. On a passe un super soirée ensemble et j'espere vous voir demain aussi :-) Même horaire, même endroit.
Gros bisous a tous,


Charly and I playing a very serious gig.

On a Highway to Hell with Candy :-)

Gilles Rouge + Diego and Di-egocentrics. Gilles just KICKED MY ASS. Ce soir, t'etait plus Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiilles que jamais... "Knockin'on heaven's door" avec BALLS! Bravo, mec!

I need a beer...BAD :-)


Lucille and (in her own words) her two favorite long-haired guys in the world.

Fabien Paraillac's in da house :-) "I love rock'n'roll".

Girl Powa.

After show party.

I'm a fan, period.

With Laurence. It was really great you came :-)

With Fabien and Candy.


and after... GRIMACE!

Carine's parents. Carine's got a GREAT theory about the difference between Carines with C and K. It's so great it cannot be written.

The great fretless monster and his better half.

Lulu and I.

Avec Melanie and Pierre.

Diego and other ego-centrics.

My Joe and Rock encyclopedia number 1.

Joe and number 2. Yes, they're twins. No, it's not Zakk Wylde and Allan Holdsworth!

Sunset at the O'liver.


Em casa.


Blogger Nicky said...

How could I miss that :( then there were Lucille too :(

Giiiiiiiiiilllllllles !!!!!!

1:25 AM  

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