Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Check out my interview at Whiplash. This is Brazil's top rock site and I am talking about my record collection. I just don't like the fact it mentions me as the Adagio singer, not Takara's, as the interview has been had in January, before the split. Oh, well...
The link is:

Friday, April 18, 2008


SUPER ROCK ao vivo:

25/04 - TAMBOATA, Itaipava, gravação do DVD
26/04 - Beco do Barão - Itaipava

"Led Zeppelin IV" e "Live in London" na integra!

21/04 - Nucrepe, Itaipava

Vejo vocês por lah!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

25/04 - Tamboata - Itaipava/RJ

Saturday, April 12, 2008


April 9, 2008 Los Angeles, CA. Takara officially announces the addition of Brazilian singing sensation Gustavo Monsanto as lead vocalist for the band Takara. Gustavo Monsanto formerly of the band Adagio, and Astra will join Takara for the upcoming, and as of yet untitled album recording that is currently being recorded in Los Angeles at Big Swede Studios engineered by Stephan Svenson, and Produced by Guitarist,Writer,Producer, and founder of Takara, Neal Grusky for Tikvah productions. Joining Gustavo in Takara, are Yngwie Malmsteen Bassist and Drummer, Bjorn Englen and Patrick Johannson and long time Takara keyboardist Brook Hansen. As Takara prepares for a 08' release of it's new album, plans are currently in the works for the release of a Takara live CD/DVD best of album. Also, in the works for release are previously unreleased demo's from 1988. Takara will also be announcing plans for a first time performance since the release of their first CD, "Eternal Faith". Also, Takara will be re-recording the song "Spotlight" from their first album, "Eternal Faith", to be released on the as of yet untitled new album. For more information please visit www.myspace.com/takararocks or www.takararocks.com

It is finally official: I will be flying to Los Angeles really soon to finish the vocals on Takara's new album. I've been following the band for a long time and the fact they think highly enough of my work to replace Jeff Scott Soto in the band. I met Jeff a while ago, who gave me his full blessings when I mentioned the negotiations with Takara and I also had a blast with Patrick Johansson, the drummer in the band when he was in Brazil to play with Yngwie. I am really busy finishing lyrics and melodies in my home studio and will keep you all posted about this new endeavour. The top picture has Neal Grusky, Pat and Bjorn recording tracks in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Brazilian singer/guitarist/songwriter Gus Monsanto has parted ways with French prog-metal band Adagio after four years of hard work, which included a successful album and an European tour.

"We parted ways friendly. It has been an overwhelming experience to fill David Readman's shoes and I will take with me the great people I met on the road, the friends I made during this period, the countries I have visited. The road stories and great music I made with Stephan, Franck, Eric and Kevin will not be forgotten. They will carry on as the archangels in black they are, we are metal commandos," Monsanto said.

Gus' departure from Adagio will allow him to focus in other hard rock and heavy metal projects.

"There's a lot on my plate right now. June 08th will see the release of The Lightseekers CD, which is a really great French hard rock band I have been working with. I also have a spankin' new project called Zyon Vega, with fellow Aquaria members Bruno Agra (drums), Fernando Giovanetti (bass) and Alberto Kury (keyboards), plus Atlantida's guitarist, Alexandre Macedo, who's been pursuing this new chapter with me," Monsanto said.

Samples of Gus' latest efforts are available at http://www. myspace. com/gusmonsanto2


Separately, Gus is currently in advanced talks to join a well-known U.S. hard rock band replacing a world famous vocalist.

"I cannot tell the name of the band or anything else right now but I will disclose details as talks progress," Monsanto said.

Finally, Gus Monsanto is in the final stages of his first experience as a producer, with Brazilian metal band Skyrion, whose album is due out shortly.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sabado, dia 05/05, Nucrepe, em Itaipava, show LED PURPLE, onde em cada set sera apresentado um classico do rock: "Live in London" e "Led Zeppelin IV".
Os musicos são:
Gus Monsanto- vocais/violão
Paulinho PR - guitarras/bandolim
MAESTRO Rodrigo D'avila - guitarras/violão/teclados
Fernando Berredo - bateria
Roberto D'avila - baixo
Oportunidade unica de dividir o palco com essas feras e outros convidados. A gente se vê por lah.