Sunday, December 31, 2006

Oi galera! Escrevo de Paris pra dar um oi e desejar um Feliz Ano Novo a todos ai... Obrigado por terem feito de 2006 um ano bacana, especialmente o final do ano, onde pude curtir meus instrumentos e minha avo. Obrigado pela paciência, pelo amor e por tudo de bom que vcs me trazem por serem parte da minha vida. Minha familia, meu amor, meus amigos novos e velhos, os que curtem meu trabalho...
Que venha 2007 ... que tenhamos sorte, sucesso e realizaçoes..; Bjos, Gustavo

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

veio um golfinho do meio do mar roxo
veio sorrindo pra mim
hoje o sol veio vermelho como um rosto
vênus, diamante, jasmim
veio enfim o e-mail de alguém
veio a maior cornucópia de mulheres
todas mucosas pra mim
o mar se abriu pelo meio dos prazeres
dunas de ouro e marfim
foi assim, é assim, mas assim é demais também

odeio você, odeio você, odeio você

veio um garoto do arraial do cabo
belo como um serafim
forte e feliz feito um deus, feito um diabo
veio dizendo que sim
só eu, velho, sou feio e ninguém
veio e não veio quem eu desejaria
se dependesse de mim
são paulo em cheio nas luzes da bahia
tudo de bom e ruim
era o fim, é o fim, mas o fim é demais também

odeio você, odeio você, odeio você


Friday, December 22, 2006

Hi there, everyone! I just got word that the list of my favorite albums for the year of 2006 have been published at

My top choice for this year was Venturia's "The new kingdom", which is a masterpiece of metal/pop/progressive/pure genius/great art, etc. Mmany years in the making and a damn fine, fine crafted jewel.

I feel particularly proud about this record because I was the one who had the honor of hooking the band up with great singer Marc Ferreira, who fronts the band. The picture was taken at the band's first show, last Dec.1st, in Switzerland. They shot the gig for a TV broadcast (next March) and (hopefully) a DVD to come! It was strange seeing the bass player and keyboardist all dressed in white. I couldn't recognize them at all, since I have played over 100 shows with both of them and have never seen them wear anything but BLACK, loool

This is my hats off to the my French brother Shredding Charly Sahona (sounds like a bluesman name, something like Blind Lemon Jefferson) and his band. Great people, great musicians and here's wishing that you have all the luck in the world following "The New Kingdom" in 2007. May you be surrounded by light, inspiration and passion!!!

Bises a vous, mes amis!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

This is a picture of one of my favorite musicians of recent times and I. Mattias IA Eklundh is the leader of the band Freak Kitchen, a trio that has been around for over ten years and is PURE GENIUS. Besides being an unique technician in his instrument, being able of coming up with new things in his instrument, which gets harder and harder every day, Mattias is a GREAT singer and songwriter, always coming up with clever lyrics and really amazing rhythms (some of his ideas are surely that whacked since he is a drummer).
Found about Freak Kitchen pretty late, little over two years ago... I remembered the name, but when I finally heard the music (Thanks Nanou Campos :-) ), they got a fan for life. After having seen these guys live a couple of times and having Mattias himself share the stage with Adagio over the last year, the music grows more and more infectious. On top of all that, he is a super humble, intelligent and cool guy, with beautiful influences (Kiss, Zappa and dogs, besides a zillion other cool things).
Each year he puts together the cool Freak Guitar camp, where guitar players from all over the globe fly for a week or so of guitar immersion, with poretty cool guests, such as Ron Thal (Guns 'n'Roses) and Kee Marcello.
If I made one more person curious enough to check out their music, this post will have been worthwhile! All the albums are great, but "Move" was one of the last albums on the planet that I would give a solid ten to.
Cheers from Rio de Janeiro to Gottenburg!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I have always enjoyed writing. Not only lyrics to my songs, before they came along, I wanted to be a writer. A lover of books, magazines, album credits, medicine boxes and shampoo labels while showering. So, I create my "soapbox", where I will be throwing my two cents from about a zillion different things. World happenings, friends & family, arts, trips, etc. But, mainly, I will be talking about MUSIC, my MUSE!!!
Having always been a voracious devour of albuns, cassetes, dvds, CDds, magazines, etc, one of my most treaured possessions is my music colelction. And I will be dusting, every now and then, some prized possesion from my shelf, bringing to your attention some work that may have touched me in a way. I will always be favouring some album that brings polemic, discussions, some underdog that has been attacked by many or an unknown soldier.
Black Sabbath has created metal. This is a topic for endless debate for many, but at least most agree that Iommi's riffs pretty much define the genre, they ARE heavy METAL.
20 years ago, my friend Guto came from the US bringing a bunch of great records along. Black Sabbath's "Eternal Idol" was one of them, hot off the presses. The cover had a statue of a couple sculped in bronze, based in a work of Rodin and the rest of the artwork could not get any blacker.
At this height of the band's history, Black Sabbath as a band had become, as we say in Brazil "a casa da Mãe Joana"... Sabbath was Iommi and whoever else would be around. It gets so true that on the video to "The Shining", they plucked a stranger on the street to play the bass! It was someone wo is unnamed and has never been on any Sabbath incarnation. The songwriting proccess was long, and basically the band who started it was the one who ended the "Sseventh Star" tour: the eternal 5th member Geoff Nochols, on the keyoboards, Dave Spitz (coming from White Lion and brother of Aanthrax's Dan Spitz) on the bass, the then-unknown Eric Singer, one of the busiest drummers in business these days, having played with virtually anyone, from Brian May to Kiss and the frontman Ray Gillen. Ray and his unforgettable voice, became well-known by his work with Badlands, before his premature death. He was very young and is my favorite vocalist EVER.
His voice was never heard on the final album. He split from the band and was replaced by Tony Martin, a British singer, who did such a great job on it that it made you forget he was replacing your favorite singer. Tony had a long stint with the Sabs that was the cause of noumerous debates over the years. The great thing is that there are bootlegs circulating with Ray's version of the albums, which are really, really amazing... and show that Martin basically just tried to reproduce Ray's work of art, unfortunately never present on an official Sabbath CD.
The album was produced by three different guys: Chris Tsangarides (who did "Painkiller" and "Pink Bubbles Go Ape"), Jeff Glixman (who produced Saxon) and Vic Rattlehead, oops, Coppersmith.
Let's detail the album then. "The Shining", which seems to have been around for some time before this final version, since it has been demoed since the David Donato days, is one of Sabbath's most amazing work, in MY opinion. Amazing riff, "Heaven and Hell"-like dynamics. Great singing and great riffs all over the album. The vocal harmonies in "Glory Ride" and great arrangements, "Ancient Warrior" and its great vibe... This is a heavy album, with only one moment of pause, for "Scarlet Pimpernel", an acoustic interlude.
It seems Bob Daisley has done all of the bass work and it shows, "The Shining" for example, has very clever bass lines, which are reminiscent of the "Blizzard of Ozz"-era stuff he has played. Bev Bevan has been credited as having played some stuff, but all of the drums were really played by Eric Singer, doing his great job as usual.
All of the album is fantastic, catchy and heavy, but "The Shining" is a real achievement in the holy catalogue of Sabbath. Many people dislike this CD, don't even think of it as a Sabbath album, but it gets me every time!
My advice is get the official version, BUT try finding Ray Gillen singing the thing. "The Ray Gillen Years" is a great bootleg, that also features a live show of the "Seventh Star" tour, where Ray was shining (no pun intended...).
Sorry for being a long piece on the album and see you next time,


Monday, December 18, 2006